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Bourgeois makes a beautiful guitar. I've played many that were very impressive. But, like all makers, I've played several that were not impressive. That said, they were all priced at the very top of the market for such guitars. I'm afraid the prices are too high for me to consider for myself. I don't usually think of instruments as investments. But, if one were to consider them as such, I suspect you'd conclude you were buying at the top of the market. I think the effect of the Eastman partnership could go either way for the current stock of instruments for sale. They might increase in value if the quality and tone of the new models decreases. They might decrease in value if the comparable Eastman made products are higher that expectations in terms of quality. I think the bottom line is that Dana Bourgeois is making a strategic business decision that will allow him to capitalize on his good name and likely provide for his eventual retirement. Evidently, an internal transition of the business is not likely; for example: as Bob Taylor has done with Andy Powers.
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