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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
I think it makes no difference, Breedlove or PRS or Fender or Gretsch or Taylor or Martin, et. al. do not "suffer" from having the same name on the imports...
But none of those guitars are on the boutique side of the market. Again, you are making my point for me. If Bourgeois is going to fit in with those makers, it will have lost status.

Martin, IMO, is an interesting case. I think they did hurt their brand some with the imports and formica guitars, etc. But they are so established as "the" acoustic guitar maker, their brand is pretty hard to shake. And they are primarily known for their "Standard" line, which are at the high end of the middle of the market, or the lower end of the high end of the market, depending upon how you look at it. When someone says "Martin" one still thinks D-18 or D-28, not a formica import.