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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
..optically.. what a good looking combo of woods and fretboard!
Curious about what else is coming for appointments and - most of all -
how it is going to sound as a pairing.
Other appointments will be a Florentine cut-away with an access top bevel, an arm bevel, a sound port, and likely a number of accent inlays with various woods. We're working through the details now.
We selected this soundboard to go with The Tree back set because of the quick response, especially to a light touch to go with the playing style of the client.
The Tree wood is very dense for Honduran Mahogany and sounds and acts more like Cuban Mahogany in my experience.

Here's some more pictures. This is a side being laminated. I am using Honduran Mahogany to go with the Tree sides:

Here I am shaving down the center back graft. This graft supports the glue joint holding the two sides together. The graft needs to be shaved down leaving just enough cross grained wood to secure the joint and no more. Any more wood left than necessary, especially on the edges, only creates stress lines going right down the grain line of the back.
This is a typical example of many in guitar building where we don't want to target as little or as much, the target is the right amount.

Then comes the "H" logo.

Thanks for viewing!
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