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If you can't hear the difference, than save that $50

Personally, I ripped the K&K out of two guitars. There's a "tubbiness" to it that i don't care for, even with a decent pre, which helps. There's this midrange thing going on which I don't dig.

The JJB, Dazzo's, Ultra Tonic, McIntyre Feather, and Trance Amulet are all options as well, but I really like and have settled on the Schatten HFN Passive. Maybe a little less output than the K&K, but much more natural to my ears, and I can bump the signal with my pre or at the board.

With the Tonedexter, pickups don't matter as much, but there are times when I'm not bringing my whole rig out and I want something that sounds good as a stand alone pickup.
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