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Default (Light) Flightcase for guitar in gigbag?

Originally Posted by Earl49 View Post
It won't always fit in the trunks of smaller rental cars or taxis either.

The main downside that people have reported is that TSA doesn't take the time to reinstall the foam "bones" that isolate your guitar from the sides of the case. After opening you guitar up for inspection, they just toss everything loosely back in there and close it up again to bounce around. Even when instructions and diagrams are clearly posted inside the Case Extreme, they simply don't bother.

...just letting you know the "rest of the story".

This information from experience is a great example of the amazing value the AGF has provided me in my music career. Thanks for sharing this insight Earl, I really appreciate you for that.

After watching the Hiscox video, Iíve been researching a possible solution that would also potentially solve the problem you mentioned with the TSA as well. In the Hiscox video, they show a sample of just the outer ABS shell (with no molded foam or padding inside). They also show how easy it is to remove the padding from cheaper brands of ABS cases.

Iím now thinking of buying one of the cheaper ABS jumbo cases (like this one:, removing the inner padding and using just the shell to house my Monocase Vertigo gigbag with my guitar in it. I think my local guitar store might carry this ABS case so Iím going to bring my Monocase bag in to size it up and see if it could work. I figure that even if I have to squeeze it in a little, it would be fine.

Weíll see how this goes.
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