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Originally Posted by MileHighJC View Post
Scared me there for a minute ...

Stopped by my local Guitar store last night to look at what they have (I like to buy from them first - good local folks with a great reputation). They didnt have a drum backer at all, at least not even close to my budget, and the only looper they had was a Boss with only one button (which did have 10 tracks of drums). So I came home and ordered up the stuff I mentioned (beat buddy, and a ditto X2). Should be here Friday, so looking forward to some fun.

The scary thing is I spent a lot of time ogling the wall of guitars in the showroom. This. Is. A. Bad. Idea.

On another topic, clearly a consistent suggestion here is playing with others, and back to private lessons. Both will happen... Have an aggressive travel schedule the rest of this quarter, so the return of lessons will be delayed a bit, but Im clearly convinced that will jump start me. I have made tons of progress since my last lesson, and I have some pretty clear objectives that I want to attack that can really use the skills of a professional.
Sorry for the scare, oddly their X2 "JAM" is listed for 2 minutes loop capability.
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