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I can't really see crack #2 well enough but if what you are saying is that it goes all the way up to where the sound hole is and that you are concerned about the way it looks on the inside of the guitar then yes, using the same kind of wood would help hide that. Not all cracks need cleats though imho and that one does't look as bad as the other one, crack #1. In that case it's going to need to have a splint glued in place and due to the nature of that grain it's not going to be easy to match so well that it will look like new, again imo. There are people that are far better then doing this type of work then I am though and they command a high price. But non the less a fairly well matched splint and a good finish touch up will hide it from a distance (it's the back anyway) and structurally you will be good to go.
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