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Default Options for this back repair

I paid for this guitar last week and in the few days before it shipped it developed these two back cracks. There is an opportunity to renegotiate to a fire sale price, but obviously these cracks are major and very concerning.
Seller says there are "humidity issues." Well, yeah.

Wood is macassar ebony. I see that small pieces of this wood are available as pen blanks and wonder if using this material might somehow fit into a repair.

Crack #1 is the widest
image1 by Westcliffe Slim, on Flickr

Crack #2 is a long one and the location brings up serious repair concerns
image2 by Westcliffe Slim, on Flickr

Crack #1 appears to cross two braces

Crack #2 runs from bottom to waist along the center brace and obviously the necessary brace or cleats to repair will be clearly visible through the soundhole.

Interested to hear opinions about options for these repairs and what they will look like upon completion.

Also interested to hear recommendations for a luthier to do the work. I would have it shipped directly from the seller.
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