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Default ***SOLD*** 2014 Martin D-18 with K&K Pure Mini

I've really enjoyed this great sounding D-18, but I have a chance to reacquire a wonderful Gibson SJ that I used to own, so I've decided to put the D-18 up for sale. This guitar is a 2014 "reimagined" model, with a K&K Pure Mini recently installed, pearl dot ebony bridge pins, and a strap button. While my tech had it in for the K&K, he also polished the frets and set it up with nice low action, so there is virtually no fret wear and it plays like a dream. The top has some really nice cross-silking, and the back & sides are beautiful Honduran Mahogany...the good stuff!

This guitar is in excellent shape, except for some bumps and bruises that I have attempted to capture in the pics below. Considering these marks, I have priced it accordingly, which includes the original hardshell case, shipping within the CONUS (east of the Mississippi, otherwise add $40), and PayPal fees. Thanks for looking!

Location of dings and light scuff on the top

Dings/scuffs on the neck (all in the same general area between the 1st and 2nd fret). I don't even notice these when playing.

On the bottom of the guitar, bass side, maybe 3" from the end pin jack. There is a similar mark on the treble side as well.

Right at the top of the upper bout.

At the curve of the lower bout (bass side).

All I need...
Martin 000-28EC
Kopp K-35

And a few others to scratch occasional itches...
Cordoba C-7
Gretsch Alligator
Alvarez AP70W

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-Andrés Segovia

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