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Originally Posted by Ted @ LA Guitar Sales View Post
Sounds like you had a good time at H&B, Gerardo. As to string spacing at the saddle, Rainsong uses the same 1-3/4" nut 2-3/16" saddle spacing combo used by Taylor on all their guitars, and used by Martin on their hugely popular models like the OM-28, 00-28, OM-21, 000-18, 00-18, 0-18 and so on. I actually prefer the 1-3/4" nut 2-1/4" saddle spacing combo, which is why so many of our Custom Martins are built that way, but apparently the folks at Taylor, Martin, and Rainsong did their homework and found the slightly tighter string spacing at the saddle is preferred by the masses who use a flat pick more often than not. Fact is, although I play mostly fingerstyle, the difference is barely noticeable, so definitely not a deal breaker for me.
Ted, I am like you. I prefer the extra space for my fingers. I can see why flat pickers want something different though. 58mm - 60mm for fingers I think.
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