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Default sound ports

I read a thread on here a week ago where the guy was explaining his pictures and there were clamps all over and glue bottles etc. And he said "some things in guitar building get messy" haha...I thought that was humorus and I say "ditto's".

Again, nothing new I'm doing here, just "my version" and how I do it. I'm gluing the b/w/b "patches" in.

I mentioned this fixture before. Its a fixture that accepts rabbited inserts because my two hole sizes are different. I didn't want to make two fixtures so I came up with this. Probably not original - but was/is to me

In this pic, the insert is put in and the hole is routed.

Then I move the fixture to the front hole position.

I place the insert in and rout the front hole. The front hole has to be a little "shorter" because of the curved side going into the head block area.

Ok, I know most guys "get" the pin router, but here is a good pic for some guys who might not have had the chance to be around one and they might not understand how it works. The pin in the table is the same diameter as the router bit above. Its located directly over it and the router head can be raised and lowered pneumatically. The table bed can also be raised and lowered independently. The pattern to be routed is place on the bottom of the base. The pin follows this pattern as the router bit routs the mounted piece above.

Here is the jig in action.

And the finished piece.

Then these little "grills" get glued in next

Still not done with these. My sides take a long time to make with these sound ports. They are worth it in the end though.

Have a great day.