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Default Carbon Fiber Pickup in Binding?

I've been wanting to experiment with CF as a pickup/transmission material for a long time. I know some companies are making carbon fiber pickups that are more after market type pickups and can plug into onboard electronics etc..


Has anyone given thought to actually incorporating the carbon fiber pickup into the actual structure of the guitar for example my dream pickup system would be like this..

1) Carbon fiber pickup installed all around under the binding (think a ribbon of CF under the binding, totally hidden and is on both the top *and* back binding.

2) Also a carbon fiber pickup laid under the neck!

3) Lastly a CF pickup under the saddle, possibly also from the sadle bridge into the braces out from there to the binding..

I think this thing would rawk! My dream is to test something like this one day. I think when I have a guitar built I am going to explore doing this as an experiment..

Does anyone have thoughts on this? I think it would be the most accurate pickup system out there, and with a good controller would be able to blend easily the neck, front and back binding pickups, and the saddle/bridge pickup..

Dang it, it NEEDS to be done!
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