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Originally Posted by anton View Post
If you get a Mac Book make sure its one with a firewire port if you want that option. Some of the newer ones dont have it.
If you get a Mac Book Pro, then you will get FW800. The Mac Books do not have FW.

I would definitely go with a FW interface. FW800 smokes USB. That being said, I have an Apogee Duet that is great. If you have the cash you could get an Apogee GIO to interface your guitar with GB, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc.

I did have an E-Mu 404 and a M-Box 2. Both were purchased just before the release of Snow Leopard. After I upgraded my computer to Snow Leopard, I lost the use of both interfaces. Neither M-Audio or E-Mu have been very diligent in providing Snow Leopard driver upgrades. M-Audio will only provide updated drivers if you buy a new version of Pro Tools LE. That being said, I abandoned ship and bought a Duet.

Logic Pro, or Logic Express would be a great way to go. GarageBand is nice for what it does, but the Logic series is a significant step up.

At home I am using a 17" MBP, with Glyph external drives, an Apogee Duet, and Logic Pro. I had a problem initially in that I like my drives running with FW800, but the Duet also likes FW. An easy and effective fix was to plug my drive Glyph into the MBP, and then the Duet into the Glyph. No latency problems at all, and all running a FW speeds.

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