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Best recording experiences I've had were at Mac-based ProTools studios. If I were to get serious and step up from a MacBook Pro running Garage Band and Logic Express, I wouldn't hesitate to go the dedicated separate Mac-plus-monitor/ProTools/best mixing desk-controller I could afford. Of course, the similarly-equipped studio I know of comes with an engineer who is a genius, knows my style, "gets" what Steve & I do and is not afraid to strongly suggest retakes and punch-ins. That pair of ears, philosophy and experience set is unavailable in stores. But if you've got the engineering chops, I say buy the best Mac/ProTools setup you can possibly spring for.

Oh, and our engineer's wife is a master carpenter and decorator, and she built the best sound baffles I've ever encountered. Room treatments are key--double layer of doors, elimination of as many standing-wave-making parallel surfaces as possible, A/C you can turn off w/o roasting, etc.

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