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Default Room Treatment!

Aloha 7thbassbA,

Listening to your recording, I could immediately hear what you really need - Better Room Treatment! Sure, EQ'ing is very important, but room treatment and mic placement are more so for recording. Without treatment, you can't experiment with mic placement. See?

It doesn't have to be expensive or permanent. Here's a DIY approach.

Make some baffles with self-supporting Owens-Corning 703 fiberglass doubled-up 2"x2'x4' panels. Use hotmelt glue to double them up to 4" depths and then cover with some nice porous material. 6-10 of these can really make all the difference I've found. You don't even have to frame them out cause they stand up on their own. They also come in 8' long panels.

Keep 'em under a bed or in a closet and bring 'em out when you're recording It will make a bigger difference in your recordings than anything else.

Surround yourself and the mics with the baffles in the sweet spot of your room. Treatment is necessary to maximize your signal chain and guitar qualities - at any price level.

You can also make excellent use of cheap mover's blankets. Again not a permanent solution and not expensive. Hang 'em a couple inches off troublesome windows and walls to decrease deflection and also from the ceiling over your "recording booth." Two layers hung a couple inches apart really is better. And use padded carpeting on the floor. Explore using bass traps in the corners.

Check Fran's site out for how to DIY:

Check this video out for how the baffles can look and be applied (ignore the guy's voice & boomy guitar results):

Here's more room treatment info:

There's a ton more from Ethan Winer and also at the 'room treatment' forum over at Gearslutz.

Room treatment is the most important and highly variable factor in your being able to make decent recordings on acoustic guitar. It's even more important than most of the elements of your signal chain!

I've put together my own Mac studio (iMac/Logic Pro 9/Apogee Duet/Glyph storage HD) in the last year, though I've been gigging professionally & recording for over 45 years and found the above statement to be true.

Treating your room gives you more options, like not having to close-mike everytime and being able to use the room to better define the sound of your guitar in a mix. Don't budget it for last, 7th.

Check it out & Good Luck.


PS: Since you bought a new Apple computer and Logic, if you haven't already, for $99 you can sign up for a year of one-to-one and group training in Logic through your local Apple store - the One-to-One Program. It's the best value in learning ANY DAW that I could imagine! Best $99 I've ever spent!-alohachris-

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