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Originally Posted by ljguitar
Hi Joe...
There were a couple a few months back described in a discussion thread.

But why not just spend the same amount of bucks and get a floor pedal that does a bypass/mute when it activates the tuner and drops you out of the system? It is slicker, as accurate, hands free, and kinder to the PA guy.
My desire more revolves around situations where I just have my guitar with me and nothing else. Picnics, riding along in a bus, jamming with friends in the parking lot etc... I know I can simply do relative tuning and get all the strings correctly related to each other even if not at pitch, but sometimes it would be nice to be somewhat accurately tuned to pitch with just the push of a button like the old el cheapo guitars could do. I have it covered in plugged in situations. I was more curious as to what alternatives are out there. A web search has turned up the "Sabine" models, which I will research further. Thanks though!
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