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Originally Posted by ParisStarlight View Post
This makes me happy to hear. I just ordered a used Art to use for DI bass recording and acoustic guitar recording. I hadn’t thought to use it for a mic. Should I only use it on a condenser, or would it even help something like a 57?
As a general rule for running most microphones efficiently........the more clean gain, the better. However, different preamps can impart certain "tone stamps" that you may find appealing. Hifi isn't always the best sound for the track ; )

A 57 will run just fine directly into most boards but better preamps or inline boosters like the cloudlifter (for non-phantom power mics)will allow to get the most out of any mic.

Unfortunately I don't know the gain specs on your equipment, but the ART should work well with the 57. Try your mic(s) with all of your available pres to understand what sonic options are available to you.
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