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My GK Pro was a really nice guitar & was sold about a week or so ago.

The decision to sell it was predicated by the need to De-clutter my life. Looking ahead to focusing on playing my primary guitars rather than spending time maintaining numerous guitars that weren't being played.

That decision meant reducing the herd to 1 steel string and 1 nylon string guitar in the house.

It is really nice to not have sections of a room occupied by guitar cases or going through them each week to humidify them.

The GK Pro's construction has a bit of flamenco sound that is inherent to it. Thus Gypsy King in it's name..

No matter what I did with my playing technique, I just couldn't overcome it on tunes where that particular sound wasn't appropriate.

I think my playing expectations has probably changed over the past few years with respect to nylon string guitar sound.

So ultimately, I decided that my desire on nylon string guitar is more towards the classical sound.

I probably could have stayed with the C-10 & been very happy. But I decided that upgrade to the elevated fretboard on the C-12 would get me slightly easier access to frets 12-15.


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Does this mean the GK Pro is on the chopping block? I bought a used cracked one a few years ago and after doing the repairs gave it to my grandson. He brought it up one day recently and I was delighted at how good it is. I had forgotten. Lol
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