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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
AndreF- That's a really nice looking guitar!!!

2020 is my year to consolidate / de-clutter the house of extra guitars, etc.

I'm tired of humidifying and maintaining guitars that don't get played on a regular basis. So, I'm in the process of selling a few guitars .

My current thought is obtaining a C-12 Cedar as my sole classical guitar. My left hand loves the shape of Cordoba necks.

But now you have me thinking about trying out a similar Cervantes as yours and seeing how it feels & sounds.

Does this mean the GK Pro is on the chopping block? I bought a used cracked one a few years ago and after doing the repairs gave it to my grandson. He brought it up one day recently and I was delighted at how good it is. I had forgotten. Lol
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