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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
AndreF- That's a really nice looking guitar!!!

2020 is my year to consolidate / de-clutter the house of extra guitars, etc.

Thanks! You and I seem to have very similar viewpoints.
I don't know if 2020 will be the year, but soon enough I too will be looking to draw down the inventory of nice guitars I have. The older I get, the more I play music that is satisfied by a more focused group of instruments. And the others get neglected. It's a shame.
My current thought is obtaining a C-12 Cedar as my sole classical guitar. My left hand loves the shape of Cordoba necks.
A neck shape that is to your liking is a super important criteria. No doubt.
And if a real nice classical is in my future (still up in the air) I'm sure that I'll pick cedar as the topwood. Over the years, I've come to like it the best, even though spruce ones can also be very good. But cedar is king imo.
But now you have me thinking about trying out a similar Cervantes as yours and seeing how it feels & sounds.
The Crossover II are not as popular as the I, so they are harder to find. Seems like our preference in crossovers, i.e. with classical type necks, is apparently not shared by most, who prefer the more steel like necks.

I wish you success in your quest!
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