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When I first saw this I thought it might be a cover from an old Yes song back in the 70s... but realizing that was not the same song, I certainly was not disappointed with how this sounded. As always, Antoine has some of the best recorded acoustic guitar sounds on the net. I mean, I cannot think of anyone who has a better sounding audio for acoustic guitar on a youtube video than Antoine Dufour. He has really got that sound down and I'm sure his articulate playing has much to do with it as the mics, preamps, plug-ins, etc.

If you go back years to Don Ross's "Passion Session" CD recorded in 1999 and listen to that, then compare it to his "PS 15" recorded in 2014, the differences in quality is amazing. I think there was a lot to be learned about recording acoustic guitar as a solo instrument that has not really come to its own until the last few years. Now you have guys recording amazing sounding and playing acoustic guitar.. it's really stunning. Don't know if the OP was talking about the song itself or the recording quality, or both.. but Antoine is a genius, almost never a glitch in his playing which is remarkable.
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