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Even if you do get a professional to fix it, it's still going to show, unless you have them paint the top an opaque color and cover it up entirely. But it's a mark of character, and something you can use in future years to hound and persecute your adorable li'l tyke!

I'm sure when that child hits age fifteen they'll be delighted to have you point out that scar in the top to everyone who sets foot in your house. "Thanks for telling that story AGAIN, Dad! I know it means that you love me all the more!!!"

Well, hey, maybe it'll become a treasured family story.....

Seriously, you might want to show the guitar to a pro just to get it appraised and maybe get a quote on the work needed. Chances are that a pro will have exactly the right glue to use and do the neatest job possible.

Just a thought.

Wade Hampton Miller
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