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Originally Posted by Klimski View Post
Okay, so here's me celebrating the fact that my guitar is cheap, after my 3 year old dropped an ice skate on the top...gouging out some cedar. The hole doesn't go through but it's ugly and I'm afraid if I don't glue or fill it in, it will get worse.

Anyone have tips: it's a gouge, the chipped material is still attached, as a scab so to speak. The guitar has a solid cedar top, with satin finish. Any tips are welcome. Except that I'm not ready to cover the thing in stickers haha
Try and paint a thin layer of PVA wood glue into the gouge then pop the 'scab' back in. When it's dried rub a little beeswax over the area to fill any gaps.

Unless you get a professional fix it's always going to show but hey, every ding tells a story.
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