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Originally Posted by Mr Bojangles View Post
Yes! What do you mean, "a Gibson SG or Les Paul, and a Fender Stratocaster or Tele?? Obviously, we all need several of all of those! And one dreadnought is no where near enough.
Well, I already have a collectors item Gibson Les Paul gold top and it's the one that Clapton thought was too heavy. I've never liked the neck the way I liked an SG. And, my addiction began when I played a 1970 fender Strat and a Martin D35 Brazilian still on the shelf in 1970. And for Gibson? it was Cream, the women's tone, and the gritty Crossroads sound. So, an SG with the right pickups will be fine, and I'll probably buy a new Strat, Made in Mexico, as long as I like the neck. I had a 61 Tele that I sold for, (take a breath) $200 back in 1976. Never liked it. IF I wanted one more electric besides the Rickenbacker, I'd get a Gibson ES 335. As for another dreadnaught? Someday, I may add a Lowden but when I even think about it, my Martin starts leering at my neck while she sharpens her knife.
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