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Alright! The Spire arrived! It is EXACTLY WHAT YOU FOLKS SAID IT WAS! Opened the box. Charged it. Plugged in my mic and my guitar. Pushed the sound check button, played and sang (thatís what I call it). Sound check stopped. Pushed the record button. 2 tracks recorded. Pushed the record button again and started tapping the guitar. 3 tracks done. Back to the record button and I did a little background vocal. 4 tracks. Went to the MIX screen on iPad. Moved the tracks around to see what was going on. It really was that easy..
Lots of questions and lots of research down the drain. I have been so frustrated in trying to record our trio that I had given up more than once. There is a mental barrier that prevents me from recording , when you say DAW I begin to wander away. Only half kidding....
Now I need to figure out SoundCloud....but I need to do some recording now.
Thanks to all who commented here about the Spire. When we become famous I am going to treat all of You.
71 is not too old to be famous is it?
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