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Originally Posted by Wuchak View Post
..... I tried low wattage tube amps with the Klipsch but even though the horns don't require much power to drive, those 15" woofers only come to life with lots of power for the transients and tight control by the amp. Going from 15 to 50 to 200 watts made a huge difference and the loss of some bit of smoothness in the upper registers moving from tubes to solid state was worth the tradeoff for the low end tightness. ...
I agree with you on all of Klipsch speakers except for the Klipschorns. They are way more efficient than their other speakers. Also they are the only speaker in their line that utilizes a horn loaded bass. While it has a 15" woofer, the woofer is feeding a tri-folded horn. The driver barely moves and puts out a minimum of 104db at 1 watt. They are very alive, even at very low volumes.

To make/keep this related to guitars... Listening to Michael Hedges "Aerial Boundaries" is a sonic masterpiece. Also, for real dynamics, listen to Ricky Lee Jones "Under the Boardwalk" on the "Girl at the Volcano" Album. The clean dynamics on this cut, with a set of fully horn loaded speakers, will blow your mind. Not to mention it's a great version of this song.
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