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Originally Posted by Legolas1971 View Post
I had one about a year ago. I did some mods to it but it really
needed a neck reset and wasn't willing to do it. So, I sold it. But
it's a very cool guitar and probably worth investing money into it....

It's supposed to be the "copy" of the Martin D-35 but sounds nothing
like it......
Originally Posted by JLS View Post
JLDs do not sound good, when they are cranked like that. I never use them to take out a belly, only for tonal improvement, and longterm stability; Yamahas seem to react very well to them, when they're used in this manner.

Like most Yamahas, your FG335 will need a neck reset at some point, if it doesn't already--when you mention taking the saddle down, that makes me think this might be so. I've done many, many resets on these older Yamahas, and they are well worth the $ to have this done. I always convert them to bolt-ons, as well.

I don't currently own an FG335, though I had one for several years-- this may change if things go the way I want, on an ebay auction...

It's great to finally see some action on this thread!

JLS - when I originally installed the bridge truss I thought the guitar just had bellying behind the bridge but the whole of the top from the soundhole back was arched slightly (I didn't know too much about it all at the time - I'm not too much better now!). I suspect one of the braces has come unglued inside! I haven't had the time or inclination to look into this further. The guitar still plays well. I've backed off the truss tension and it's made no appreciable difference to the arching of the top but I don't think a neck reset is necessary yet! The problem of high action was solved by reducing the saddle height and doing some ramping on the bridge to maintain a decent string break angle over the saddle. As I say it plays well and I'm very happy with it.
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