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Originally Posted by cssraad View Post
I haven't experimented with the bridge truss tension to improve tone. It's wound pretty tight as it is to flatten the top and I'm not sure hown much more I could tighten it without doing damage!
JLDs do not sound good, when they are cranked like that. I never use them to take out a belly, only for tonal improvement, and longterm stability; Yamahas seem to react very well to them, when they're used in this manner.

Like most Yamahas, your FG335 will need a neck reset at some point, if it doesn't already--when you mention taking the saddle down, that makes me think this might be so. I've done many, many resets on these older Yamahas, and they are well worth the $ to have this done. I always convert them to bolt-ons, as well.

I don't currently own an FG335, though I had one for several years-- this may change if things go the way I want, on an ebay auction...
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