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Default 335 mods

Hi all,

I bought a FG335 a few months ago. It had a bellied top which made the action quite high. I installed the JLD bridge truss which did a good job of flattening the top behind the bridge but it only made a small difference in front of the bridge. The action was also improved slightly by installing the truss..

Next I shaved down the saddle and adjusted the neck relief so it was dead straight. The action is now about 3mm at the 12th fret which is pretty good I think. I could proably get it down a little more by shaving the bridge but I don't really think I could do this properly so I'll leave it as is. I also plan to change the plastic saddle for a bone one and replace the plastic bridge pins with eboby. It already sounds great but I'm sure it'll improve even more once I'm finished.

I haven't experimented with the bridge truss tension to improve tone. It's wound pretty tight as it is to flatten the top and I'm not sure hown much more I could tighten it without doing damage!

Anyway, it'dbe great to hear your thoughts on any of this. I hope this particular thread takes off as these really are fantastic guitars.
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