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Thanks for advice. I’ve actually already ordered the SM57 after talking to my friend, he seemed to think it would do what we’re looking for. I don’t know about the phantom power issue, in all honesty it’s the first I have heard of it today having never researched microphones before.

I notice absolutely all the recommendations are condenser mics - why is this? Should I be using two condenser mics in your opinion, one for vocals and one for guitar? Did I screw up getting the SM57? I do not want to record vocals and guitar separately ever. As I say the mic he is using for vocals is good as far as I am concerned.

I’ll probably pick up a condenser mic later on so I now have my own home studio but this will require a lot of research as I will need an audio interface and probably a decent laptop to be honest as I don’t have space next to my desktop, so we’re talking well over a grand to get it all setup.
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