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Default Low budget recording

So my friend and I are recording another album. I think his vocal mic is perfectly adequate but the instrument mic is a cheap £20 Stagg one that leaves a lot to be desired. Weíve been using my Baggs Anthem pickup combined with the Stagg mic aimed at the 12th fret but I still think the guitar sounds a bit artificial.

Is there a mic around the £100 mark that could offer a significant improvement? Even better if it can be used for vocals too - I donít know how this works really, my friend is the recording buff. Iím just trying to help out by coughing up towards the recording costs but it would be nice if I could get some use out of it at home too.

Hereís an example of our recordings where I think the guitar audio quality isnít up to scratch:

I think on the fingerpicked stuff I get away with it somewhat:

Martin 00015m with Baggs Anthem SL
Lowden F32

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