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Originally Posted by capefisherman View Post
I wish there was a way to add some equalization after a sound check but before recording with the Spire. All my recordings come out very bass-heavy and I then need to upload them to my computer and work with an equalizer. This is not a big deal for me but for use with which I'm usually using my Spire - sending files to guitar students as quickly and easily as possible - spending the extra time tweaking the recordings is something I just would rather not do. Not looking for super quality, just better balance. FWIW, I have the same issue whether I use the mic in the Spire or two good quality condenser mics (small & large diaphragm). If I'm missing something please let me know. Other than this issue I positively LOVE my Spire!

Have you tried varying the distance from the mic? I find that makes a difference in the tone with the Spire. If you feel the volume is too low by moving away, you can raise the level manually after you do the SoundCheck.
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