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Originally Posted by reeve21 View Post
Cap'n Jim--

Can you compare the internal mics in the Spire to the mics in H4n?

The Spire has one condenser mic, the H4n Pro has X/Y stereo mics. Both do a decent job, but the Spire is much easier in actual use. Less about the mic and more about setting a tempo and getting to the actual recording. Pulling the tracks off the Spire and making a wav file couldn't be easier; same with sending Spire files to another Spire Studio user.

For me, the downside of the H4n Pro is all the button pushes and wheel turns you have to make to get to the set up for recording.

Another plus for the Spire Studio: 8 tracks instead of the 4 (3 if you use the X/Y mics for stereo) you get with the H4n Pro. Yes, you can export those tracks to a DAW so you can use more tracks. I found I frequently wanted 5 tracks or more (guitar, bass, drums, and two vocal tracks) - easy with the Spire, not so much with the H4n Pro.

That is my experience after a year of using the H4n Pro, prior to getting the Spire Studio. Other users with more experience on the H4n Pro may find it easy - I didn't. I am not trying to talk anyone out of the Zoom, just relating my usage. Since getting the Spire, I haven't used the H4n Pro. I should probably sell it - it would be great for someone who can use the hand-held aspect (I did buy the handle for it that goes in the tripod socket on the back, to make positioning handier).
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