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Originally Posted by lfoo6952 View Post
Thanks for the explanation. I think I'm going to get the Spire. I like the ease and simplicity of this baby because when it comes to technology, I'm an idiot.
I get that. I like to think I'm reasonably tech-savy, but using a Zoom H4n Pro to record was slow and frustrating. Then moving files to a DAW. With the Spire Studio, you pick an effect/amp/pedal, then do a 10 second sound check... you're ready to record. You'll learn a lot with mic placement and the simplistic mixing, but you get to put most of your time into playing/recording, and not messing with equipment. Room acoustics and ambient noise matter. It isn't a tough learning curve, though.

The flip side of the ease: not many changes you can make after the fact; you can't "add some reverb to this part" or "bring up the volume on that part." But, did I mention: easy.
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