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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
Just to clarify if I understand correctly, the drums are a physical electronic drum kit ?
Yes, the drums are a Yamaha DD65. The foot pedals are more like a footswitch - I made a wood enclosure for them, with a spring so they have a spring-back, more like actual drum pedals. I did play drums for a few years back in the early 80s. I don't have room for a full set of drums in my small music room, and my housemates (supportive wife and a cat who really likes music) would not likely appreciate the noisy practice. These are not fancy, but certainly adequate for the recording I am doing.

Before trying one, I thought these were toy-like. Using one changed my mind. For further clarification, you don't get the same physical response (tactile feel of the drumstick against a cymbal), but more like a set of drum practice pads. I can be drumming away, headphones on, and no one in the house is none-the-wiser. The built-in speaker on the DD65 is mediocre, but plugged directly into the Spire Studio gives a more authentic drum sound.

Hope that helps.
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