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Originally Posted by lfoo6952 View Post
Captain Jim:

I've been following this thread for the past few months. The quality of your recordings are excellent. I was wondering how you were capturing the sound of your instruments, in particular the bass and drums, because it doesn't sound like you were using the built-in mic.

Please do tell.


Hi Luke,

Thanks for the kind words. I am running the bass and drums (electronic) with a direct line in the back of the Spire. The Grace Design preamps are good, as is the "bass amp" feature on the Spire. I usually use the built in condenser mic for acoustic guitar and hand percussion (like shakers), and occasionally vocals. I also run a direct line in with acoustic and electric guitars.

The Spire Studio is easy to use, and handy for sending the tracks back and forth with my music partner. He has used the onboard mic for recording piano as well as the preamp with a synth run direct or with a direct line in after an amp.

Hope that helps,
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