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Default Second Acoustic D-28 Style

The resonator guitar was the second guitar I ever build and was one of those I just had to have!

But my 2# acoustic build (making it may 3rd guitar build) came as a big surprise, I will cherish as long as I live: D-28 Style!!

I must tell this story!
I happened to meet a very nice guy here in my city that has been on the guitar building journey a while, a collector and fantastic guitarist!

He showed me some of his work in progress and his collections, and I was blown away! I knew then I had to do things right!

As we chatted, I mentioned to him that my dream was to own a D-28 or something with the same specs...the next minute I saw him packing out pieces of wood and said: "There you yourself one!"

You guys can just imagine how I felt!!!

I will load the building process soon...
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