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Originally Posted by HHP View Post
I've played a few and they are quite good with the caveat that they are a flat top. If that is your preference, and you are willing to look a bit, older Flatiron pancakes are a bit better. Cumberland Acoustics makes a very similar model and the ones I've heard are very good. Harder to find, but maybe the best buy of all, is a Sawchyn Beavertail made in Canada. Very much like the old Flatirons but they use really premium woods and appointments.

There are also very good buys on used carved top models if you want a more mainstream mandolin sound.
Thanks! I already own two Eastman mandolins, a MD505 f-hole, and a MD304 round hole. Both are good, but they have a really tight/narrow neck. I don't play bluegrass often (almost never) and am more into folk type songs. I'm thinking of giving the 304 to my daughter and keeping the 505 for the rare bluegrass tune, then getting a flat top for everything else.
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