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Originally Posted by Norsepicker View Post
Dan Holloway has a great site, with songs arranged in 5 levels in order of complexity - several hundred on the list. He gives instruction, and then on the song site thereís tab, downloadable if you want. Heís a very pleasant guy, I think he had an association with Doc Watson and Merle Travis, you can join for a month to see if you like it, a yearís subscription is $100. Good teacher. I also just ordered a couple of books from Steve James off his site - I saw him on a free video on the Dream Guitars site, and I really liked his teaching style. Heís quite modest despite his distinguished career, when I ordered the books he sent me a hand written note asking me to contact him if I had problems with the audio downloads.
Thank you for this recommendation. I just checked out his site and videos and this is exactly what Iíve been looking for..lots of songs I want to learn.
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