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Default Brand New Blanchard Bristlecone, Ziricote/European Spruce

Would you like a powerhouse? You’re in luck: our Blanchard Bristlecone is a bombshell dressed to the nines. Ziricote back and sides, European Spruce top, body wedge for creature comfort, and Macassar Ebony bindings to tie it all together. We love the setup, glossy and smooth, and the expansive dynamic range of the voice. Take this baby down to C and it still rings out clear and crisp. We’ve looked for a bad note; haven’t found one yet. Well played, Blanchard.

Wow! This is my kind of guitar. Mark Blanchard always gets strong, round treble notes that I adore. His Bristlecone shape is perfect for covering a lots of different territory. The Ziricote is not only beautiful but adds clarity and separation. On top of all of that it has a Manzer wedge body design which makes it easy to hold and controls the bass in just the right amount. - Paul Heumiller

Cash Price: $13,495

For more information please visit:

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