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8:46", of pure happiness. The "Halo" you can hear at the 8:25'', is something special!

It is always stressful, when you are building a new shape for the first time, because you take some bets and you are walking on a brand new path... but this Small OM, is basically the best sounding guitar I've built until now. I have another one on the bench, with Chechen Back & sides, and I am curious to see the final result.

What else should I say... Matthew's explanations, are perfect, and I'm really pleased I've sent this little gem to Eddie's Guitars. They are one of the most serious shop on the High-end guitar's market, and The relationship we've develop, is amazing.

Thanks again Matthew, for your kind words and this incredible video!

Go check thevideo, on the FB page of Eddie's Guitars. The difference beetween Youtube & Facebook media player, is interesting... especially in the low frequencies!

I highly suggest you, to listen this video with headphones. It is something else!


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