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Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Congrats on your 2nd Beneteau getting underway.

Looking forward to following along!
Thanks! I can't wait to see the general assembly...these photos were just a tease

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Nice, congrats, will be following every post!
Can't wait to see how it comes together, man.

Originally Posted by Cocobolo Kid View Post
Congrats Dustin. I will be following along for the ride. I am still loving my Beneteau CS.

Thanks for sharing.
I can only imagine how good it sounds, being Engelmann and Brazilian.. I've developed a new appreciation for Engelmann since a recent Webber Baritone I played and my friend's Engelmann/Maple Mayson. They are LOUD. Did you ever send me a sound clip back when we were discussing that guitar? Would love to hear it.

Originally Posted by islandguitar View Post
Oh, man, that's great news, Dustin! I recall......VIVIDLY when my Doerr was set to go..........Tom literally started the build on Christmas Day!
Looking forward to following along....thanks for this update!!
It's a sheer joy...I'd forgotten how much so until I got those basic top-assembly photos Made my day.

Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Congrats Dustin! Sounds like it will be a boomer. I look forward to watching this one!
I can't WAIT! I know you know the magic of Euro spruce paired with's going to be a powerful guitar but sweet when needed.
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