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Originally Posted by Lucky Ambrose View Post
Thank you for your suggestions so far.
Removed the blown speaker and it is a Sica but not full range.
It’s 4 ohms and my Amp is 250 watts.
I am guessing I need a 250 watts replacement along with the 4 ohms.
Well that is hard to find... it’s not even listed on the Sica site.
I have been searching the Internet and can’t find a 4ohm, 250 watt, 8” speaker.
I’ve emailed Hugh and Kettner and also Sica. Waiting for a response.
Who knew this would be so hard.
Not all the 250W go to the woofer. The tweeter will use a lots of power too.

Anyway the speaker is usually rated above the power amp so it does not blow... There are only 5 pro 8" speakers on Sica's website. You can rule out half of them just by the back magnet pictures?.

Since it is a closed box design you might, a calculation of the low end response with a closed box simulator (there are plenty online) will put you on tracks.

However it would be usefull to know the tweeter efficiency.

You don't want to have tons or anemic high end.

I'd still write or call Sica. Just don't forget to call at Italian time. I mean they probably get 50 calls for Jensen per day just because of the Fender amps, they can answer few calls for Sica.
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