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Originally Posted by Lucky Ambrose View Post
Well, the speaker blew in my Hugh & Kettner Era1 acoustic amp.
I am looking for recommendations.
Hugh and Kettner aren't talking so what do you guys suggest?

I have read the Sica Full Range 8 inch dual cone Z004950 might be a good choice but I can't seem to find any info on where to get it in the USA.
I am feeling a bit lost in this.

Any advise would be so appreciated.
I also doubt the sica dual cone is right. It is a speaker for AER compact style amp that don't have a tweeter. The Era 1 has a tweeter, it can't be a full range speaker.

There is a good probability that the HK speaker is a Sika though. Schertler, AER, ACUS use Sica speakers.

Why don't you write Sica to ask which speaker is best and where could you purchase it in the US?
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