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Originally Posted by mc1 View Post
sorry for being so daft. i thought you were using 2 stereo mics, and ended up with 2 stereo tracks to combine. but in fact you were using 2 mono mics and recorded a single stereo track, correct?
No, I'm using 2 pairs of stereo mics, recording 2 stereo tracks. You should be able to see it on the video pretty clearly, with both tracks's waveforms, the mixer console, meters moving, etc. But forget the 4-mic setup, just start with 1 pair of mics, and record them on a stereo track. Add some reverb, if you want. That's about all there is to "mixing" when there's only a single instrument to mix. There can be an element of EQing or processing to improve the sound, of course. We just had a discussion/demo of that, here:

You could reach out to Rob Poland at Candyrat.
He is the "man behind the scenes" for many of the Candyrat artist videos.
There's no magic "candyrat" technique here, just basic acoustic guitar recording techniques that a ton of people on this forum do all the time.

I've talked to Andy about what he did on his last CD - he recorded with a single mic and a K&K, 2 separate tracks. He sent that to a studio to be mixed, and he doesn't know (or didn't know at the time I last talked to him) what the engineer did as far as the mix. But it's not magic, there are only a few options.

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