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Originally Posted by 1after909 View Post
Kego.... Let us know what your impressions are of the K&K pickup in there..

And does it have the standard sensors on the bridge for guitar or is it a special pickup for Harp guitars? I have a '1897 Chris Knusten and don't want to get to invasive as it's somewhat fragile.
I had two sets of the standard K&K's installed as an experiment. They are wired together so that it all comes out through one cable. It sounds really good, although a little heavy on the bass strings mainly since those are basically drones (not to mention that my technique still A bit of EQ and it's fine though. I'm pretty happy with it so far, although after 55 years of finger picking it's a bear to get used to strings so far away from where you're used to them being! But the more I play it the better it

A bunch of

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