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Default Welp...I finally joined the harp guitar club!

Like I suspect many of us, ever since seeing Michael Hedges play "Because It's There" I've wanted a harp guitar. Problem was that the good ones were seemingly always more than I wanted to spend on a guitar that wouldn't get played enough to justify the price and the (few) cheap ones I saw were really bad.

This spring I was in Gruhn's in Nashville and they had a couple Timberline examples. These are well built and sound decent - and more importantly - weren't all that expensive! I was there in May, again in June and July (bought a high dollar custom Martin on one of those visits!) and played the Timberlines every time.

I passed through town again on Monday and the T30HGc they had grabbed me. They actually dealt a little on the price and when I left they were installing K&K's in it and it should be shipped to my door by Friday. My only concern is that they are no longer sold with a hard case, but the gig bag they now ship with will do for now. I'll probably build a real case for it sooner than later.

Now all i need to do is learn how to play it.. lol

A bunch of
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