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Originally Posted by Deft Tungsman View Post
Eric, this is great news! I spoke with Karan at the show in Berlin this spring. The guitar he had on display was beautiful with a lot of personal touches that made it quite unique. He also struck me as being a real gentleman, so it looks like you’re in good hands.

All the best, and may your sleepless nights (as of February) be full of beautiful lullabies played on your lovely guitars!!
Thanks so much! I am so thrilled for the new baby! Working on a few new pieces to play in time on my new Bigfoot Guitar!

Originally Posted by Howard F. View Post
Congrats Eric, Karan makes some fantastic guitars, look forward to following this thread!
Thanks Howard! Looking forward to sharing the build!

Originally Posted by rockabilly69 View Post
Great Article! Thanks for sharing!

A little bit more about Karan Singh…..He’s always been very musical and actually a drummer before a guitarist! Many of his closest friends are guitarists and he has always had a great love for all things guitar related. Karan holds a degree in English Literature from St. Stephens College in India and after he finished up his education, he did consulting work in Team Building and Leadership Development. He loves working with people and through his work, he learned the ins and outs of business, networking, and branding.

During his time in the corporate world, he was also a gigging musician and had a bad case of GAS (accumulating many guitars). He quickly discovered that he couldn’t get his guitars properly setup and maintained by any of the locals. Within a few months of learning, he had built a workbench in his basement to do his own setups. And one thing led to another and he was the one local in his area that everyone was going to for their setups. Fast forward a few years and the idea behind Bigfoot Guitars was born!

Karan wanted Bigfoot to be a brand based in India where Indian musicians could get their hands on something very premium and custom made. He thought of the name Bigfoot because to him it signifies something that’s mysterious, wild, a social recluse, and something truly special. Little did he know, Bigfoot was called to something so much greater than staying in India. Bigfoot was getting traction (bad pun with the feet) elsewhere!

One of the Grateful Dead’s founding members who played with the Dead for 30 years knows guitars. Bob Weir fell in love with Karan’s work and had to have one. Here is a picture of him with his Bigfoot Guitar with beautiful flamed Indian white cedar top with Padauk back and sides.

A different guitar, but same top wood. Look at this incredible flame on the top.

Karan says this flamed Indian cedar is very rare and only has a few more sets. It’s from a tree that was cut down in 1968 and is illegal to cut anymore. Anyone born in 68 need a birth-year top guitar!?!?

Another famous guitarist who fell in love with Karan’s work is Grammy Award winner, Amrit Sond. Sond is an amazing fingerstyle guitarist in the UK. Doing a little research on Sond online, I found him doing a concert with Michael Watts back in 2011. Hmmmmm, that Kostal sure looks familiar! Here are some pics:

Sond has a Bigfoot commissioned and should see it sometime next year. Here is a picture of Amrit falling in love with Bigfoot Guitars:

With so much talent being drawn to Karan’s work, I’m just thrilled to be on his queue to receive my own Bigfoot guitar! More coming soon!

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