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It kinda depends on the situation for me. I've been feeling more compelled o stand when I play shows even though it hinders my playing skills a bit. I've just been feeling so lazy sitting down all the time, like I should try and give more and stand up. But I am more comfy sitting down, and if you're in a swivle stool it;s even better! I love the interaction with the crowd. With a smaller more intimate crowd, you can sit down and really dig into the emotion and feeling of the song without losing their attention. But with a larger crowd you kinda have to stand up and move around just to keep their attention. This is especially true at bars! ****, some people just won't shut up till you point out that they need to shut up kindly. haha
Practice wise, I'll sitdown on my bed and just go at it. But if it's with full band, standing kinda gives ya more energy and it makes it more fun in my mind. I'd have to say that the perfect set would be both sitting and standing, sitting for some of the deeper songs and standing for the more energetic or angry ones. And if you're gonna play for a few hours, the stool becomes your best friend!
Anyone else here play better barefoot? I've found I'm more comfy with no shoes. It's hard to explain. Well gotta go, Peace to ya.
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