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The first 12 string I ever played was a Martin D12-20, it belonged to the leader of a band I was in during high school, the neck was bowed so he kept it capo'd
at second fret, and tuned at standard pitch to make it playable,
it sounded great.

My first 12 string was a Gallagher dreadnaught 12, it sounded o.k. was neck heavy, and I never could get comfortable with the neck shape, sold it.

My second 12 string was a mid 60's D12-20, surprisingly the neck was straight,
kept it tuned to standard pitch, stayed in tune, sounded great, well balanced tone as you would expect from the Mahogany/Spruce combination.
I kept it until after purchasing my 3rd and current 12 string

Current 12 string, David Santo Rosewood/Spruce, built in the early 90's
body size is about the same at the Martin 0000/M or a Santa Cruz OM Grand, with D body depth.
the neck is comfortable kept in standard tuning, stays in tune,
Beautiful sweet rosewood/spruce tone, yet very balanced clear tone, and in terms of volume/projection, it's huge, I play with a fairly light right hand attack, and it's outstanding.

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